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Industrial Wi-fi

These days we see a new field network requirement for mines, ports, agriculture, trade shows and large traffic intersections. RAINCLOUD wi-fi mesh networks are designed around patented Ruckus technologies, a leader in network capacity, durability and signal to noise ratios, enabling data transmissions to and from equipment in the field.

Our experience includes challenging field networks with high noise ratios.  This includes metallic structures within dense informal settlements, large mechanical equipment, and crowded outdoor venues with hundreds of users.

Throughput and coverage is extended using patented BeamFlex+™ adaptive antenna technology while mitigating interference by utilizing up to 64 directional antenna patterns and dual RF polarization.

Our outdoor Wi-Fi solutions offer a wide temperature range, anti-erosion conformal coating, and rugged, IP68 housing features.

Public Wi-fi

RAINCLOUD mesh networks are geared toward Telco’s for Wi-fi offloading, and municipalities and town councils currently without any free Wi-Fi connectivity or where the Wi-Fi offering is incomplete. 

Supporting organisations which provide free-to-all internet / WiFi
connectivity, with collation and distributing of blended learning content, toolkits and other online resources.

Take advantage of RAINCLOUD’s carrier grade mesh solutions as an inexpensive and simple path leading to state-of-the-art digital infrastructure. Make your location more attractive for your citizens, business visitors and tourists.

The Ruckus access points include a central management system for Outdoor Wi-Fi networks; bringing the benefits of mesh and fast roaming handover to your wireless network.

The Community Cloud project plans to extend ICT infrastructure to underserved areas, lowering the costs of being online and offering cheaper devices, digitizing local content, and providing digital and ICT skills.

The RainCloud team are currently developing a custom captive portal that allows free public connectivity with patron data sponsoring, scratchcard activation and featured announcements / advertising.

Supporting Services

•   Wireless active/passive site survey
•   Captive portal / Radius authentication
•   Off-grid design and fabrication
•   Last mile consulting
•   Wi-fi security audit
•   IoT connectivity and availability

•   AWS cloud services
•   Web development & hosting
•   Email hosting
•   Email/SMS campaigns
•   Blockchain consulting

Project Management 
• IT Requirements, Scope and design
• Waterfall / Agile management

Mesh Leasing

Leasing is a creative alternative for companies that need networking equipment for periods longer than three months and sometimes lasting several years. It’s a great way for companies to conserve capital and minimize purchase risk. It also may have tax advantages vs. a capital equipment purchase.

RainCloud is proud to be able to offer a Wi-fi as a Service (WaaS) complete managed outdoor WiFi solution. Powered by Ruckus, it provides high resiliency, reliability and performance for businesses and enterprises. RainCloud has flexible terms with an affordable down payment, and payments that can be fixed for the term of the lease.

Boosting Success

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